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Carpet Cleaning White Plains NY

Carpet Cleaning White Plains NY

Chem-Dry professionals offer the best carpet cleaning White Plains has. You can trust Astrella's Countywide Chem-Dry with even your most valuable rug. Our advanced equipment and innovative cleaning solutions make it easy for us to leave our customers satisfied. If you want for a White Plains carpet cleaning experience unlike any other, give us a try! Fast dry times and a deeper, healthier clean set us apart.

White Plains Carpet Cleaners

Fast drying carpet cleaning in White Plains is possible! At Astrella's Countywide Chem-Dry, we use a fraction of the water that most other cleaning companies use so your carpets can dry within hours, not days. Carbonated bubbles are used in our main cleaning solution, rather than relying on gallons of soapy water. These bubbles act in a way that unlocks any trapped particles from within the fibers of the carpet and lift the dirt particles to the surface for easy removal. Avoiding harmful soaps, shampoos, and detergents, we can also avoid the sticky residue that is frequently left behind after a carpet cleaning appointment.


A priority for many is White Plains safe carpet cleaning. Our primary cleaning solution is Green and technically safe enough to drink! Additional packages are available that can lessen the amount of bacteria in your home, beyond the carpets alone. Our Home Health Study goes over this information in more detail. With a product called Protectant, we're able to help you maintain your carpets in between professional cleaning appointments. It is co-applied with our basic cleaning service to guard against future spills and stains from the deepest level.

Pet Stains Don’t Have to Be a Nuisance

Astrella’s Countywide Chem-Dry prides ourselves on being able to handle stains of any nature, and that includes pet stains. Pet stains are harder to get out than other stains at times, as they can leave behind pesky urine crystals that do not come out with superficial cleaning methods. This means that you have to obtain a deeper clean to fully get rid of the urine crystals. Astrella’s Countywide Chem-Dry has just the solution that you need for your pet stain problems, and we would be more than happy to help you in any way that we can. We start by getting the visual stain out of the carpet by using the powerful process of Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). We then continue to rise above the competition with our carpet cleaning by using our special formula to destroy those urine crystals at the molecular level. This destroys not only the crystals themselves, but replaces the odor that the crystals typically leave with a fresh scent that leaves your house more pleasant and homely than before. We assure you that you will love the fresh new look and smell of your carpet after we are done!

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Carpet Cleaning to Improve the Base of Your Home

The health of your home is our priority when we work on your home, so it is very important for us to consider the products that we use and the function they provide. We are especially concerned about the air quality of your home, as it is a factor that directly affects the members of your home, affecting their health either positively or negatively. Carpet in a home typically acts as a filter, not just for dirt and grime tracked from outside, but also from allergens in the air from outside. We make it our mission to eliminate as much of these allergens as possible, as we want you to feel healthy and safe in your home after we have gotten the job done. As such, we chose to get a statistic for just how well we are improving the health of your home, and the results were on par with our mission. An independent laboratory found that we eliminated an average of 98.1% of allergens from your carpet when we use our HCE process. We love those results, and we know you’ll love your carpet just as much when we are done with it!

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A Treatment Fit for Any Customer

We have a vast knowledge about carpets and about the individual cleaning that each carpet requires! As such, we have various packages that might be right for your carpet. Our Basic Package gives you the base HCE experience, removing the visual stain from the carpet and restoring vibrancy back into its color and overall look. For a more long lasting protection, our Protection Package might be the right answer for your carpet. Our protection package gives you the protection that your carpet needs to lengthen the amount of time before you need to clean again. Our special protectant does just the job. For the ultimate Carpet Cleaning experience, go with our Healthy Home package, as it is giving you the assurance that our carpet is being deodorized, giving you a healthier and happier home.

If a happy, healthy home is important to you, call Astrella's Countywide Chem-Dry as your White Plains carpet cleaning professionals!