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As the very best in the industry, Astrella’s Countywide Chem-Dry provides an innovative carpet cleaning experience for customers in Hawthorne, NY. With reasonable prices and technicians determined to take care of your carpet as their own, we are the local carpet cleaners to suit your needs! Our knowledgeable technicians will thoroughly assess and evaluate all of the areas to be cleaned prior to when work begins. All rates will be decided with you before work begins likewise and you'll have an opportunity to articulate any specific areas of concern. Be confident that we will give you a first-class cleaning service, different from any other.

Hawthorne Carpet Cleaning Experts


If you have had a professional carpet cleaning in the past, it's likely you'll realize most steam cleaners leave you with completely soaked carpets for a few days! Astrella’s Countywide Chem-Dry comes with an advanced cleaning solution that is made to use a fraction of the amount of water that a number of cleaners use. Due to this, your carpets will dry and fresh within just a few hours so you can get back to your everyday life! You may possibly speculate how this is achievable; it is with the power of carbonation. This approach uses an incredible number of effervescent carbonation bubbles as an alternative to loads of soapy water.


Many carpet cleaning services in Hawthorne, NY supply a service which may leave behind a sticky, dirt attracting residue. When this occurs, your carpets will get dirty soon after the appointment. These dirt attracting residues are a byproduct of the unforgiving chemicals, soaps, shampoos, or detergents the other cleaning companies make use of. If it is not adequately rinsed, buildup is inescapable. With the Chem-Dry treatment, your carpets will stay cleaner longer. The deepest clean can be found through our Hot Carbonating Extraction. With the most appropriate amount of water, the right temperature, and the power of carbonation, your carpets are sure to have the royal treatment. These bubbles delve deep within the fibers of the carpet to get the greatest clean. We are also skillfully educated in spot removal and stain removal with this solution!


The most important cleaning solution used by Astrella’s Countywide Chem-Dry is green certified. This certification assures a harmless, non-toxic cleaning experience for our customers. Your loved ones and household pets won’t come in harm’s way shortly after our cleaning has taken place. Using natural materials, our solution is perfect for anyone with allergies. All of the elements of our main cleaning solution, known as the Natural, are on the FDA G.R.A.S. list - this stands for Generally Recognized as Safe.

With the most reliable cleaning in Hawthorne, NY, you can trust Astrella’s Countywide Chem-Dry to clean your carpets the way your household deserves!