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Briarcliff, NY carpet cleaning experts at Astrella’s Countywide Chem-Dry provide a drier, cleaner, and healthier cleaning experience. With professional technicians and affordable rates, we are equipped to ensure your satisfaction. The Chem-Dry approach is revolutionary and constantly improving. Count on the most professional carpet cleaning in Briarcliff, NY with the help of our key cleaning solution: The Natural. With a dry time of just a few hours, a longer lasting clean, and green certified elements, you’ll rapidly realize how extraordinary our strategy is. To ensure your satisfaction, we attentively go over all areas to be cleaned and finalize all pricing prior to work starting.

Briarcliff Carpet Cleaning Experts


Most professional cleaning services, including many steam cleaners, leave your carpets drenched for a few days. Using our Hot Carbonating Extraction strategy, we use 80% less water so your carpets will dry within a couple of hours. The power of carbonation in our Hot Carbonating Extraction approach uses countless effervescent bubbles as an alternative to dumping gallons of soap and water in your house. This is good news if you are searching for carpet cleaners which can help you get back to your daily life quickly!


Gluey, dirt attracting residues stay behind when you use many professional carpet cleaners in Briarcliff, NY. This can cause for discomfort at your home and instantly grubby carpets following the cleaning scheduled appointment. The hard chemicals, soaps, shampoos, and detergents utilized by the experts will leave behind this mess. In many cases, it can be near to impossible to rinse the cleaning agent properly from the carpet, making the residue worse. The deepest, most effective clean is through the power of carbonation. Using the most suitable amount of water, the proper heat, and carbonation as an alternative to harsh chemicals, your home will be in the very best hands with Astrella’s Countywide Chem-Dry. The bubbles in our solution delve deep within the fibers of your carpet to carry soil, dirt, and debris to the surface so our equipment can whisk it away. Our company is even skilled in the elimination of spots and stains, by using this same sort of solution in some situations!


A green carpet cleaning service is desired by many in Briarcliff, NY. The leading cleaning solution we use at Astrella’s Countywide Chem-Dry is green certified and safe enough to drink - though we don’t advise it considering the taste. We are happy to say our green carpet cleaning option is completely safe and non-toxic, to ensure that your family, as well as any household pets you may have in the home, won’t be in harm’s way. Our natural cleaning solution is well suited for people who have allergic reactions or other sensitivities. No overbearing chemical fragrance will stay, just the smell of fresh, clean carpets!

With the most efficient cleaning in Briarcliff, NY, you can depend on Astrella’s Countywide Chem-Dry to clean your carpets with the treatment your home and family ought to have!